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A World of On-Road Solutions

Since 2005, Poclain Hydraulics core technology and advanced innovations have enabled it to diversify the offer and serve on-road vehicles.
Poclain Hydraulics’ goal is to offer on-road vehicles efficient, economical and ecological solutions based on hydraulic technology.


Stop & Start CleanStart

Integrating urban development with clean transport policy:

Poclain Hydraulics, a company committed to improving the lives of local residents. Public transportation is key for the economic development of cities and for local cultural and social life. Urban centers faced with the continuing increase in traffic, noise and pollution. Cities are often caught between the attractiveness of urban centers, the growing need for transportation, the rising cost of fuel, polluting emission reductions, and optimizing regional and municipal budgets.

CleanStart is a simple and reliable Stop & Start solution quick to implement and adaptable to any type of urban bus.

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Major benefits

Contributes to urban transportations and city attractiveness

When bus engine is stopped:

  • Silence and absence of vibrations for passengers, driver and surroundings
  • No emissions while the bus is stopped helps keep cleaner and safer air

Environmentally friendly:

  • Typical annual CO2 reduction for a 100 bus fleet : 540 ton CO2/year (1)
  • Silence during 30% of bus operation time
  • Recyclable hydraulic components
  • No specific battery dedicated to engine restarts

Savings and operating costs:

  • Typical annual fuel savings for a 100 bus fleet : 210.000 liters/year (~ 10%) (2)
  • Transparent in bus maintenance programs
  • 3 years engine operation saved after 10 years (2)

(1) Calculation based on fuel savings measurement on a bus equipped with CleanStart™ in real operation
(2)  According to experimentation and measurement on a bus equipped with CleanStart™ in real operation


Designed for urban bus applications

  • Compatibility with all fuel types (diesel, NGV or green fuels)
  • For 3 to 12 liter engine displacement
  • Heavy duty: up to 2,5 million starting cycles
  • Immediate engine restart (<0,5 sec)
  • Compatible with OEM first mount
  • Dedicated kits for retrofit
  • Complete system, ready to fit, including electronics and software