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A World of On-Road Solutions

Since 2005, Poclain Hydraulics core technology and advanced innovations have enabled it to diversify the offer and serve on-road vehicles.
Poclain Hydraulics’ goal is to offer on-road vehicles efficient, economical and ecological solutions based on hydraulic technology.


Constant & Low Speed Drive CreepDrive

The CreepDrive™ system is a hybrid transmission for vehicles that work at very low speeds but travel at normal speeds on road. Vehicles equipped with CreepDrive feature two independent transmissions: the standard mechanical one and a hydrostatic one.

Shifting from one to the other is done by activating a switch. The mechanical transmission is used for traveling on the road, while its hydraulic counterpart is used for working at low speed.

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Major benefits

  • No impact on normal speed driving
  • Independent of engine speed
  • Low rpm compatibility: low  noise level
  • Reduces brake, clutch and transmission wear
  • Simple design easy to install
  • Compatible with diesel, gasoline and LNG



  • Working speed (hydraulic transmission): between 0,4 and 7 kph (0.25 and 4.35 mph)
  • Max power: 40kW (54HP)

CreepDrive hydraulic motor – CDM222

  • One speed
  • Max pressure 400 bar [5,800 PSI]
  • Displacement range 667 to 1 000 cm3/rev [40.7 to 61.0]
  • Max hydrostatic speed up to 200 rpm (for 667 cm3/rev [40.7])
  • Max freewheeling speed 3 200 rpm



  • Working speed (hydraulic transmission): between 0,4 and 12 kph (0.25 and 7.5 mph)
  • Max power: 105kW (141HP)

CreepDrive hydraulic motor – CDM20

  • Two speeds
  • Max pressure 450 bar [6,530 PSI]
  • Displacement range first speed 1 416 to 2 424 cm3/rev [86.3 to 148.1]
  • Max hydrostatic speed up to 363 rpm (at 708 cm3/rev [43.2])
  • Max freewheeling speed 4 000 rpm