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All in one block

Thanks to our long term knowledge and experience in the hydraulic market, we can provide to our customers the right solution of manifold design dedicated to their applications.

Our customized blocks fits perfectly our range of motors and bring to the machines an complete system able to operate the most demanding applications in best level of performance.

In close collaboration with our customer, our engineer are dedicated to provide the proper solution based on the understanding of their needs.

Our facilities and equipment (Advanced CAD/CAM tools for design, simulation and manufacturing / Modern and efficient machinery / equipment for series production) ensure fast and efficient block manufacturing for fast deliveries of samples or future series.

It gives to all our clients the benefit of a single compact “all in one” block that actuates all the needed functions on a machine, for a reduced TCO ( total cost of ownership).

All standard functions present on our standard catalog can be combined on the same block :

- Freewheeling
- Exchange
- Flow dividing
- …