Apr 9, 2013

History of our plant in Gaggio

Poclain Hydraulics Industriale Srl became part of the PH Family 3 years ago; purchased from Comer Industries. The plant is located in Gaggio di Piano, a small town between Modena and Bologna, in the middle of the “Motor Valley” with Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Zonda and Ducati at less than 40 kms around the plant.

The region around Modena is also called the “Hydraulic Valley” considering the many hydraulic companies having plants around, including our main world competitors and colleagues in the market.
114 people from 8 nationalities are currently working in the Gaggio plant on a total surface of 4.000 m². Most of our resources are dedicated to production and supply-chain, but we also manage internally our design thanks to a team of ten R&D engineers. We are also in direct contact with the PH sales network to develop sales over the world.
Poclain Hydraulics Industriale Srl is the competence center regarding axial piston products within the Poclain Hydraulic group. Closed loop variable displacement pumps and high speed motors are manufactured in our plant.
Cordiali saluti from Gaggio team

Grégoire Guillaume – General Manager