Aug 9, 2019

Poclain Pvt. Ltd. Sponsors "Earn While You Learn"

Poclain Hydraulics, Pvt. Ltd. in India exchanged a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with the Government of Puducherry to commemorate our latest social project. Honourable Minister for Education and Agriculture Shri. Kamalakannan, Government of Puducherry exchanged the MoU with Poclain Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. yesterday.india-earn-while-you-learn

Locally, many students drop out of school because of poverty or because they need to shoulder family responsibilities. In response to this, the Government of Puducherry runs evening courses for employed people.

In keeping with our global initiative of having a positive effect on education and the growth of knowledge wherever we are located, Poclain Hydraulics’ Pondicherry location in India, is sponsoring the “Earn While You Learn” program. Poclain Hydraulics has agreed to train about 25 students from the evening Polytechnic College for three years. To encourage poor students to continue their education Poclain Hydraulics agreed to bear 50% of the cost of their education during the 1st year.  The students will be paid a stipend, which will help support their studies. When the government announces the evening college courses, students joining those courses have the opportunity to apply to interview with Poclain for a place in the program.

 The training covers a number of different disciplines and topics: Safety, quality, maintenance, ISO, machine and equipment operation. Students will also work on practical skills such as problem solving. The goal is that trainees will leave with the industrial knowledge and skill set they need to increase their employability.