Mar 7, 2019

Poclain Hydraulics Celebrates International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated this year on Friday May 8th. The theme of “Balance for Better” encourages women to pursue careers and opportunities in all areas of business, media and government. As an industrial company, Poclain Hydraulics endeavors to encourage interest in industrial careers.womens-day-verberie-shanghai

In the spirit of growing young women’s interest in an industrial career track, we asked our female colleagues across the globe, “What advice would you give young women thinking about a career in the industrial sector?” Here are their responses:

Go for it! It is a strong industry that continues to grow, and will always have something new to learn. Taylor, Yorkville, WI USA

My advice: be willing to admit when you are wrong, and be willing to ask for help. Be willing to learn from others. Ashley, Yorkville, WI

It takes many different kinds of talent to create a successful team in the industrial sector. There is a huge variety of different career paths. Don’t be afraid to explore them – you might just find your calling. Mary, Yorkville, WI

Do not limit yourself based on your gender, especially in manufacturing and production positions. Women are every bit as smart and strong, they may just need to find a different way to complete the job. – Amanda, Yorkville, WI

Self-confidence is key. Women often apologize for things they have not done wrong, this can be seen as a sign of weakness. Don’t apologize for items outside your span of control. Amy, Yorkville, WI

I say go for it! It is definitely a fast paced and exciting career choice. Constantly changing and updating with technology. Rebekah, Yorkville, WI

Her advice would be to first take the leap, develop thick skin, have a sense of humor, and make sure your voice is heard. And most important, “Do what you love and love what you do. If you do so, you will stay curious to learn and your passion will be contagious to others. Cassie, Yorkville, WI

I would tell them this field is definitely very rewarding. I feel that careers within industry have become more respected over the years, especially for women! Indigo, Yorkville, WI

Industry is constantly modernizing…. Always take on new challenges- even if you are not sure you are completely ready. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - If you don’t ask, you won’t get it. Nancy, Yorkville, WI


The industrial sector needs the creativity of women in technical and innovative jobs. Young women all have their place in scientific fields to get a job in high technology. Collective response from our female colleagues in Verberie, France

Stay true to yourself and don’t try to become what others want you to be. Marjory, Verberie France

I would advise to go for it and be curious! The industrial sector is not a male-only sector. Every woman can find her place and it can bring fulfilment, success and confidence in her professional life. Lucie, Verberie, France

Even if it is considered as a “men” sector, there is no reason that you could not find your place in the industry. It is a growing sector which is always developing and improving, and where you will feel welcomed. Even if at first it may seem a bit difficult to impose yourself, don’t hesitate to make yourself heard when it is needed. Just go for it! Camille, Verberie, France

The Digital Transformation is affecting our lives and our professions. The industrial sector has always been innovative, and is now in the middle of a complete transformation. We are talking about Industry 4.0: robotics, IIoT, data transformation, connected and / or autonomous machines, augmented reality, energy transition ... That's why I'm here. Gabrielle, Verberie, France

Keep Learning New things and update yourself to survive in the Industrial sector. Gayathri N, Pondicherry, India

Let us not pessimistic. Things are certainly Moving slowly, but in the right direction added to it .Let us committing our self to scientific and more technical to grow. Dharanya, Pondicherry, India

Louise Pragasia Marie- Sometimes women are other women's worst enemies. We do not do a fantastic job of creating jobs for other women. We need to elevate each other to create this sort of butterfly effect," Moschini adds. “We need to rely more on mentoring and networking." Both Pondicherry, India

“Find a champion—male or female—who is willing to help you break through any glass ceiling that you may find yourself under," Jayarani, Pondicherry, India

ARISE and SHINE even when you Stumble and Fall! Sophia, Pondicherry, India

Industrial sector for an women would be Most challenging domain through which they can enhance their knowledge, creativity, Innovation, professional ethics and learn new technology. Nivedha, Pondicherry, India

Turn your wounds into Wisdom. Selvi K, Pondicherry, India

A good Platform to showcase your talent and to gain more practical knowledge. "BE YOURSELF & BE YOUR OWN ROLE MODEL". Gayathri T, Pondicherry, India

"You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right". Devipriya, Pondicherry, India

Should Practice Patience and should be willing to learn. Kamalaveni, Pondicherry, India

Be strong and open for new ideas. Opportunities don`t happen, you need to create them! Katja, Ziri, Slovenia

Industrial sector may sound tough and hard, but together with women’s' gentleness everything is possible. Anja, Ziri, Slovenia

Always go with the choice that scares you most, because that is the one that is going to help you grow. Anonymous, Ziri, Slovenia

There is no such thing as being bored when working in industrial sector. Every day brings something to focus on. If you go back to 1800, almost everybody was poor. Than Industrial Revolution kicked in, and allowed us to start replacing human labour with machines. Many benefited from it. Become a part of todays’ industry and contribute to the benefits for the generations to come. Come working in industry and 8 hours will go by as quickly as never before in your life. You will be simply overwhelmed by the job and its diversity. Neža, Ziri, Slovenia


Thank you to all who took the time to share words of encouragement. Do you have some good advice to share with young women who are thinking about a career in the industrial sector? We would love to hear from you. Visit our social media pages to comment on our International Women’s Day post with your response.