Apr 5, 2019

Wanted: Torque and ruggedness for waste shredding

All sorts of waste material are fed into the horizontal shears of a shredder: furniture, household appliances, electronics, wood, used asphalt and tires are a few examples. They exit the machine in smaller pieces, which usually more than halves the waste volume, and makes both incineration and recycling easier. Torque and ruggedness are critical to the process, and Poclain Hydraulics motors have proven that they are fit for the purpose.

Shredding is a severe application

First of all, the materials vary in size and hardness, requiring constant shaft speed and torque adaptation. The machine slows down and stops or reverses the direction of rotation of the shafts if an object gets jammed. The duty cycles are also very demanding, and machines in large Asian waste treatment plants often work 24/7. To give an idea of the sheer volume that transits through the machines, shredding installations in a Chinese megalopolis typically process up to 1 million tons of waste per year.


Poclain Hydraulics’ technology is fit for the purpose

Poclain Hydraulics has over twenty years of experience in equipping waste shredding machines, starting with their large displacement MS motors and more recently with the MI250 and the MHP range. The torque module, which is common throughout Poclain Hydraulics’ offering, can withstand the pressure spikes and changes in the direction of rotation that are warranted by the application. The motors also come with features that add value to the machines: the hollow shaft option shortens the time required to replace the shredder shaft, an operation which is carried out monthly on severe applications. Likewise, the flat port option, combined with valve blocs developed in partnership with Poclain customers, can carry out cross-over relief and prevent cavitation, thus further protecting the transmission against the erratic pressure levels and changes in direction.

Poclain Hydraulics and SID

One of Poclain Hydraulics’ historical customers in the shredding industry, the Swiss manufacturer SID has grown to become a global player and is among the leaders on the buoyant Chinese market. Their XLC primary shredders are known as the most rugged and reliable machines available, with machines still operating after 20 years of service. While the principle of operation of a shredder is relatively basic, the essence of SID’s value-added is in the details, for example the design of the mechanical components, the choice of the materials, and the electronics that control the rotation of the knives and protect the components against premature wear. Beyond this, SID commissions the machine and helps the end-user fine-tune the shredder to optimize its efficiency.

 SID’s XLC 3000, 4500 and 7300 models integrate respectively MS83, MS125 and MI250 motors. “We chose Poclain Hydraulics to power our shredders because of their competitive solution, the modular and compact design of the MS, and their superior service” explains Clément Laverrière, Sales & Technical Office Director at SID. To date, about 1,000 Poclain motors have been installed by SID around the world.


Enter Poclain Hydraulics’ MHP

Launched in 2015, Poclain Hydraulics’ High-Performance MHP motor has sparked the interest of the shredder manufacturers. It is available in five sizes, ranging from 900 to 3520 cc per rev. (55 to 215 cu.in per rev.), boasts an efficiency level of 90% and can withstand a pressure of 500 bar (7200 psi). A shredder manufacturer who needed outstanding power density has chosen the MHP27 for one of his machines. With a displacement under 2000 cc (122 cu.in per rev), the motor can reach 280 kW (375 HP) horsepower. A performance that confirms that Poclain Hydraulics excels in challenging applications.