Oct 31, 2013

Top 100 innovations

The Swedish People Honor the Poclain Excavator

In Sweden, the Bataille family are truly noticed and acknowledged for their innovation. In Stockholm, the National Museum of Science and Technology displays an exhibition named the “Top 100 Innovations”. The 100 innovations exhibition showcases the most important new designs in history as rated by the Swedish people.

The National Museum of Science and Technology has put the Swedish people to the task of singling out the 100 most important innovations of all time. In statistically significant studies, adults and pupils aged 12, were asked to cast their votes for the most important inventions in history. Among these top 100 innovations we find the excavator, and George J. Bataille is mentioned as the one coming up with the idea of using hydraulics on the machine.


The first excavators came about at the beginning of the 1900s and changed road and building construction completely. The early cable excavator was a mechanical masterpiece that was controlled with levers that made cables attached to the bucket interact.


In Sweden there was a resistance to mechanization. Early in the 1930s road-building work would be carried out by hand to provide work for more people during the depression. In 1952 George J. Bataille came up with the idea of using hydraulics on machines. They then became lighter, easier to drive and could carry out precise maneuvers in a manner not previously possible.













The Poclain excavator is currently in the 21st place out of the Top 100;  but the votes are not yet completed :

With deep respect for the past Poclain Hydraulics continue driving its values for the future.