Oct 31, 2013

Product news

Poclain Hydraulics introduces its new “combined brake” bearing support [Dynamic + Parking], called C18, available now on MS/MSE18 and MS35 motors.

Featuring powerful braking torque (up 25'000N.m dynamic 11'000N.m parking), the C18 is also a stage for resuming large external loads , making it the ideal solution for ever more powerful and faster machines , such as sprayers or harvesters, who need a powerful and reliable braking throughout the life of the machine.

The benefits of the new combined bearing C18, with the technology of friction in oil bath, are universally recognized, regardless of users:

• For teams machine design : the C18 allows thanks to its concept of " all in one" (dynamic brake and parking in a single step) easier integration of the brake inside the motor and more importantly of the whole wheel motor inside the customer's machine.

• For end users : the C18 , which requires no maintenance and has a torque available from its first use , applied directly on the axis of the wheel for safety. Having the brake system inside the bearing also allows the C18 to be totally insensitive to external pollution (dust, chemicals), often a source of performance degradation on the brakes.