Oct 31, 2013

Poclain Hydraulics in Slovenia

New Innovation Facilities Boosting Valve Products Development

In recent years Poclain Hydraulics valve competence center in Žiri, Slovenia, invested heavily in R&D to support and secure future growth in demanding markets where premium products are not just another marketing phrase but simply a must. 

In May 2013 a new valve innovation center was opened to house specialists from various branches of knowledge that contribute to the development of new products and their success on the market.

New product development is a complex integration of activities such as market anticipation, product and process design and validation. That is why marketing people, design engineers, simulation specialists, project leaders and test facilities are put under one roof allowing the team working close together

















The prototype test laboratory found a new space in the lower level of the new facility. Its expansion in terms of shopfloor, new test benches and available power was targeted to cover rigorous characteristic testing and lifetime validation demands of valves dedicated to high pressure and flow rating as well as for valves with high product safety demands. The new innovation facilities are integrated with the valve production plant. That supports strong culture of product and process co-development as design-to-manufacturing concerns can be easily discussed and anticipated on the spot.

It might be a new power transmission valve for closed-loop hydraulics control, open-loop valve tailored to the special needs of given market, safety-sensitive hydraulic brake valve or even a complete powerunit – it is the valve competence center in Žiri that takes the challenge and brings the product to life.