Oct 31, 2013

New Hi-Flow Motor

Increase Performances, Improve Efficiency

Poclain Hydraulics is now introducing its new hydraulic motor MS05/MSE05-1C ‘‘Hi-Flow’’, which has been designed to follow the general demand for higher performances and improved efficiency.

Indeed, this model benefits from its new distribution valve, whose design has been optimized to drastically reduce pressure drop (-50% of pressure drop have been observed - compared to standard MS05/MSE05) and offers at the same time a more robust closed cover design.

All these improvements make the MS05/MSE05- single displacement “Hi-Flow” the perfect solution for very demanding applications like forestry processing heads, where its low weight and compact design allow easier integration into the machine. These improvements have not been made at the expense of the modularity which has made the MS motors range so successful: different bearing supports and various displacements are available on the MS/MSE05-single displacement “Hi-Flow” as well as options like loop exchange valve or speed sensor which can also be integrated into the motor.
MS/MSE05-1C  “Hi-Flow”: Motor with Optimized Distribution
















"Hi-Flow"MS Motors: Higher Performances Significant gain in performance can be observed thanks to the new “High-Flow” Distribution :









* Compared to equivalent MS05-1C using “Standard” valving