Oct 31, 2013

Anticipate and satisfy

Poclain Hydraulics Quality Excellence Plan

Requirements in respect of responsiveness, reliability and rigorous standards are ever more important among our customers. The ability of an international company such as ours to continuously improve its processes in the design and production of hydraulic components and systems is a major challenge.

In order to retain a prime position among the global leaders in hydrostatics, for a few months now Poclain Hydraulics has been deploying an ambitious Quality Excellence Plan across all of its sites worldwide.

There are no fewer than 10 industrial sites and 20 commercial subsidiaries in Europe, in Asia and on the American continent that rally around a common goal: "Zero failure". Anticipation of potential problems is the watchword.

This Excellence plan is based on 4 key elements:

Sales: Enhance our contract review process in order to ensure that customers' needs have been understood. Validate with them the proposed solutions and provide them with the support of our repair centre network.

Design: Anticipate the risks during the design stages, ensure that they have been the subject of a tailored response and that a quality check has been carried out at each stage of the projects concerning new products or processes.

Production: Ensure the product's compliance at each stage of its development by systematically putting in place the Seven Basic Tools of Quality.

Sourcing: Anticipate problems by carefully selecting suppliers, checking new components prior to starting production and dealing with quality issues robustly.

Each of these key elements has a dedicated Quality Excellence manual, referring to the standards in force and regularly capitalising on identified good practices.

All of our employees are undergoing training, and concrete actions are deployed across all Poclain Hydraulics' industrial sites to ensure the uniform quality of products delivered all over the world.

The results of this plan, launched during the second quarter of 2013, already show a significant reduction in customer incidents.

Poclain Hydraulics makes every effort to be a partner of reference for its customers.