Industry of the Future Showcases

Mar 29, 2018

2 of the Poclain Group's Industrial Sites Named "Industry of the Future Showcases"

The Industry of the Future Alliance (Alliance Industrie du Futur - AIF), chaired by Philippe Darmayan, has just awarded the “Industry of the Future Showcase” (“Vitrine Industrie du Futur”) label to four new French companies including Poclain Hydraulics.

Synonymous with a commitment to the industry’s transformation process, AIF awards the label to companies that have taken concrete action to develop an innovative project for their production organization overall, but in particular through digital technology.

Poclain Hydraulics, an intermediate-sized family company with 2,000 employees, is the world expert in high-performance hydrostatic transmissions, including “high-torque” motors.

The Poclain Hydraulics project awarded the label by the AIF is took place at two of the company’s production sites out of the ten sites across the world.


Why this label?

The implementation of continuous improvement programs aimed at optimizing costs and increasing product quality has always been one of Poclain Hydraulics’ strengths. With this project, the company furthers the implementation of an original method of modernization management and technology dissemination within the group, comprising of all ten sites, each the size of a small to medium sized enterprise.

For this project, the company drew up an overall three-year roadmap. Each site took charge of one section of this roadmap, in collaboration with the other sites. The projects put forth for the label include:

  • The Verberie (Oise) site project: for the hydraulic motor end-of-line check, before delivery to the client.
  • The Marnaz (Haute-Savoie) site project: for the organization of the hydraulic motor piston production by cluster and the project to establish a production control system (MES Manufacturing Execution System). The implementation of this system is one of the building blocks for optimizing the current value chain. It will also help to improve control of the means of production and the human/machine relationship by using connected products.

In its approach, Poclain Hydraulics has adopted the building block and macro-block format (Industry of the Future terms devised by the AIF and the Industry of the Future ecosystem) and has successfully capitalized on this collective work.