Mar 30, 2021



Poclain Hydraulics puts a lot of value on ensuring consistency in training. Consistent training is vital in ensuring consistency in skills, expertise and knowledge amongst employees across locations. This is why virtual training of all sorts is taking off at Poclain Hydraulics. Beyond Poclain Academy’s growing library of self-learning options, we have launched live virtual training for more technical topics, making them more readily available to our collaborators around the globe. Two recent graduates from Poclain Academy’s “Motor Offering” course agreed to share their experience with our latest live virtual training.

Shengli He, Poclain Hydraulics Application Engineer in Shanghai is new to Poclain Hydraulics, but brought eight years of hydraulic systems experience to the training hoping to learn more about Poclain Hydraulics motors. When asked his motivation for joining the training, he shared, “The training helped me to gain more information on our motor series, components, and market application, which is very necessary in my position.”

Shengli continued, “I had completed basic Poclain Hydraulics motor training before coming into this course, with our trainer in Shanghai, but this course was aimed at sharing more advanced knowledge about the motor.”

Shengli went on to discuss the course organization, content, and adaptability to a virtual setting, “In this course, the trainer showed us the motor components in the classroom guiding us through the components using vivid images. I had just learned about the motor assemblies in the Shanghai plant before the training, so this was a good continuation to add on to that knowledge. The trainer used physical parts as well as animations to help us make the transition from theory to practice even in a virtual environment.”

The overall training program at Poclain incorporates many types of learning. “It is good to have a mix and be able to learn from different people. Next week I have four days training with our trainer here in Shanghai,” Shengli shared. “It is also nice to have Poclain Academy too, to do self-learning and go further at my own pace.”

When comparing Poclain Hydraulics’ virtual training options to those he had used in the past, Shengli was impressed overall, “I have done trainings online before outside of Poclain, but it was harder to follow because it was missing human interaction. With this training, I could see the trainer and see the components along with the PPT. It helped that the instructor could see me through the screen to make it more interactive. Being able to interact with the instructor helps to focus on the topic better.”

Simone Salvatori, Poclain Project Buyer, who joined Shengli for this training, has been with Poclain since 2012. He has been through a number of trainings with Poclain Hydraulics, but this was his first live virtual training.

Coming from a background working mostly with pumps, Simone joined the training to “get in touch” with motors, “My goal was to understand the particularities and differences between motors and pumps.” He also shared, “The link between using physical motors and explaining theory also helped to understand the concepts better.”

On sharing the training with people from different locations and backgrounds, Simone shared “It was great that the virtual training allowed the attendees to share their experiences, knowledge and ask different questions.” He went on to share that “The multimedia approach and group discussion helped me to gain a more profound understanding of the content. The smaller class size also made it possible for more interaction with the instructor.”

Simone shared his thoughts on this type of virtual training overall and what place he thinks it holds in the future at Poclain. “The training can be done in your office in Italy or anywhere else. It reduces travel time to a training facility. I think that this kind of training is better to perform virtually, also in the future when the situation [with COVID] will be resolved. When you don’t have physical testing, and a lot of the training is on theory, with the program at Poclain it’s quite the same whether you are present or using the camera.”

Live virtual training is also available externally for a number of our trainings. Learn about the trainings we offer in our training catalog, or by contacting us at