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On-road and dual purpose multi-wheel carriers perform heavy-duty transportation primarily on road or both on-road and in plants. They transport equipment such as parts of ships, large nuclear power plant parts, wind turbine pieces, large industrial parts or even entire buildings.  Like the market for the purely self-propelled carriers, the demand for on-road multi-wheel carriers is growing in Asia and the rest of the world as both types of mobile machinery fit specialized transport needs of a wide variety of industries.

Choosing and integrating the right power transmission solution for a multi-wheel carrier will depend a lot on the type of facility in which the machine will work and whether or not it will need to be used on-road.

When paired with a truck as a semi-trailer or trailer, on-road modular platform trailer transporters have additional needs beyond that of the self-propelled versions. They also need to transport heavy loads on-road at normal highway speeds safely.

In this application as well, multiple platforms often couple together to transport larger and uneven loads. This can put a lot of strain on the prime mover, especially if the trailer platforms are all dead weight. Challenges arise in ensuring each platform has enough torque to climb the slopes found on the road. An auxiliary hydraulic drive mode with freewheeling capabilities can help make this possible.

Poclain Solution for On-Road Modular Transporters:

Poclain Hydraulics offers an auxiliary hydraulic drive mode that gives trailed modular transporters added torque when needed, such as when they are on roads with gradients. The solution can be engaged and disengaged on-the-fly. When the hydraulic drive mode is disengaged, the platform is able to freewheel. This makes it possible for the vehicle to meet normal on-road speeds.

For transportation in plants, the trailer disconnects from the truck and can work independently as a self-propelled transporter or with a power pack unit.

The auxiliary hydraulic drive mode solution consists of Poclain Hydraulics MF motors, a heavy-duty pump, freewheeling valve and electronic controls.

“The special vehicles of the TII group, like the SHT transporters of KAMAG for the shipbuilding industry and the PowerBooster from SCHEUERLE are operated in extreme operating conditions. That is, why we rely on proven quality components from our long-term partner Poclain,” says SCHEUERLE.


Located in Germany, with around 400 employees, SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik is the largest production facility in the TII Group. On the 70,000 m² company premises, self-propelled and towed vehicles are produced for transportation assignments on or off public roads.

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