Nov 19, 2020



As air quality in urban areas becomes a primary source of concern, authorities are implementing strong local or regional initiatives to reduce emissions. On new construction or demolition projects, zero emission vehicles are a pre-requisite. As a result, off-road equipment OEMs are focusing their innovation efforts on designing emission-free machines. Poclain Hydraulics has made the strategic decision to support them.

Since 2018, the electromobility team based at Poclain Hydraulics’ head office is dedicated to designing high performance battery-powered hydraulic transmissions for the drive and auxiliary systems.

 “The challenge is to bring to market zero-emission machines that provide similar continuous performance as their diesel counterparts, with an acceptable range!” comments Philippe Reynolds, Director - Electromobility Program.  “We can be proud about the work done during the last two years. Such results can only be achieved by bringing together a broad array of skills ranging from hydraulic systems, mechatronics, electrical engineering, battery management systems, global vehicle control and functional safety… Thanks to our simulation tools, fixed and mobile benches, we have evaluated and selected the best machine architectures and vehicle controls to improve efficiency, range and functional safety. We have explored new grounds and pushed the envelope of our technology.”


Several zero-emission customer pilot machines using Poclain Hydraulics electro-hydrostatic systems are currently entering their final stage of commissioning, paving the way to new exciting customer projects in 2021.

 “We strongly believe that Poclain Hydraulics Electromobility solutions will be part of the answer for a greener world, and we are committed to designing high-performance differentiating solutions for our customers”, concludes Philippe. “We are excited about the years to come!”

Poclain Hydraulics Electromobility Contact: Philippe Reynolds