Oct 24, 2018

Student Collaboration in Ziri, Slovenia

Strengthening our collaboration with schools and universities remains a focus for Poclain across the globe.


Last year In Poclain’s Ziri, Slovenia location, we began a project to connect Poclain and the school system to give students the opportunity to work on real world projects that they could subsequently apply in practice at Poclain. The project was finalized in September 2018, and the results of this cooperative projects were able to be applied not only in production but also other areas.

In September, we awarded the winners of the best-rated project tasks with a visit to the Poclain factory in Verberie, where they were hosted by Guillaume Bataille, amongst others.

The aim was to motivate students (and mentors) with further opportunities to cooperate. Our Innovation and production team invited them for interesting seminars throughout last school year to support the development of the solutions for the assigned tasks within their project groups. The students continued to collaborate on these solutions with Poclain under the guidance of their mentors at the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering at Škofja Loka and the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Through this close project relationship, we have been able to give students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the details that are relevant to our working environment and incorporate them into current framework where we see the opportunities for implementing their innovative solutions in practice.

Among the many projects, Ažbe Kavčič, Gal Dobravec and Primož Peterman, future mechanic technicians, completed the winning Innovation & Production project, under the mentorship of prof. Kristian Prosen. The project task was entitled "Tracking and calibrating tools."

Since March of 2018, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and 16 students worked on solving eight project tasks in a second area related to the operation of hydraulic valves. Nace Remih and Gregor Urankar dealt with the topic of using and operating hydraulic valves in low temperature conditions and, according to the expert committee, completed the winning project in this category.

"A visit to the Poclain factory in Verberie in France was an interesting experience for them. The visit to the prestigious international group allowed them to gain insight into the complexity of the fluid technology field, for which they are professionally trained", says their mentor Dr. Franc Majdič. “The students also agree that challenge for them was not just aimed at the evaluation or grade at the end of the project, but the more so the opportunity to prove their successfully gained knowledge in practice.”