Jun 24, 2019

Poclain Hydraulics PVT LTD Pondicherry, India Supports Local Education Institutions

Corporate social responsibility is something that Poclain takes very seriously in all of our locations across the globe. Recently Poclain Hydraulics PVT LTD in Pondicherry, India put forth much effort into supporting and encouraging the growth of knowledge locally, namely by working with Mothilal Nehru Government Polytechnic, Pondicherry. To support the decades old Polytechnic and students to study in a better environment and to build their career and future, our Pondicherry, India facility undertook a number of projects:

  • Cleaning the MNGP to give better look (done in 2018)
  • Machinery provided to Mechanical Laboratory
  • Instruments provided to Electronics & Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Acid resistance tanks replaced for Chemical Lab
  • Electronics, Communication & Instrumentation Laboratory was renovated to be compatible
  • Renovation of toilets in 5 blocks 


Last Friday, Poclain Hydraulics handed over the work that was undertaken by us in Mothilal Nehru Government Polytechnic, Pondicherry Smart Class Kit and microscopes to Government Primary School and Government Girls Higher Secondary School Pondicherry under CSR Project.  Poclain believes and lives by it words – DRIVING VALUES FOR THE FUTURE.  The  equipment given to the schools is intended to help the students study better and build a better future.


 We handed over the equipment to the Government last Friday, the 21st June 2019.