Feb 24, 2014

Our US subsidiary

Poclain Hydraulics Inc.

The Poclain Hydraulics North American facility – Poclain Hydraulics Inc. is located in the state of Wisconsin, approximately 30 miles south of Milwaukee.
The Yorkville location employs about 230 people, including machining, production, after market, sales, service and general office personnel. This location supports the distributor and customer base in the United States and Canada.

Poclain Hydraulics US subsidiary


2013 was another record year for Poclain Hydraulics Inc. with over 65,000 motors produced and over $110M in external sales. For 2014 the focus is on keeping up with high demand and preparing for future growth.

The North American team has concentrated on many things including: overall equipment efficiency (OEE), machine investment, short interval management (SIM), quick response quality control (QRQC), safety, and the improvement of organizational processes all in an effort
to prepare for the future.

These arrangements will help us prepare for higher internal production and larger distribution of products manufactured in our sister Poclain Hydraulics facilities. We expect our number of these (distributed) motors to significantly increase by 2017. To meet the challenges of this future growth, we are making improvements today in the areas of customer logistics, quality, production flow, and plant layout.

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