Feb 24, 2014

John Deere

Skid Steers Fitted With MS Motors

Since its creation in 1837, John Deere has always been ready to listen to those whose work is linked to the land: farmers, breeders, landowners and builders. As leader of the world market in agricultural equipment and a major player in construction machinery, the world-renowned company has nonetheless never lost sight of its founder’s fundamental values: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

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For several years, Poclain Hydraulics has been a prime partner of John Deere C&F (construction & forestry) for the supply of hydraulic motors (MS motor range), designed for its 2-speed Skid Steer Loaders (models 318E, 320E and 326E).
Gregg ZUPANCIC (Product Marketing Manager, Skid Steer & Compact Track Loaders – Deere & Company) points out that John Deere’s performance on the SSL market positions the company amongst world leaders. Poclain Hydraulics is taking  part in the development of new John Deere machines through increasing involvement right from design stage, working in close collaboration with John Deere’s design and application engineers. Poclain Hydraulics’ presence on the 3 continents (sales subsidiaries and production plants) enables it to meet the expectations of each of these markets as closely as possible. Naturally, geographic proximity to the customer is a necessity both for sound understanding of needs and expectations and for ensuring increasingly rapid delivery times. The joint objective is simple: providing the end customer with a reliable product and meeting the most demanding quality standards at the best possible price.

The Poclain Hydraulics MS-2Speed motor fitted to John Deere’s SSLs offers the following:

• Compact and integrated design
• Possibility of dual displacement (2C)
• Integral built in brake system
• High motor efficiency (low power losses)
• Dedicated bearing support for John Deere assembly
• Volumetric efficiency remaining constant with the time
• Integrated hot oil exchange
• “Soft Shift” displacement spool system
• Low noise
• John Deere speed sensor assembly

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Poclain Hydraulics’ motor offer covers a wide range of skid steer loaders :

SSL - Rated SAE load


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The MS - 2C: A motor enabling the displacement speed to be increased instantly and easily by the driver (thanks to «soft shift») using a unique displacement reduction system, thus avoiding over-sizing the pump and overloading the exchange valves: this makes it easier for John Deere to fit the motor because of its smaller overall size and lighter weight. The parking brake is also built into the motor.

‘‘Time is money’’, as Gregg ZUPANCIC says: the versatility and reliability of John Deere machines are the main reasons given by end users for choosing them. The Skid Steer Loaders fitted with Poclain Hydraulics MS-2speed motors help to optimize productivity and their ease of use. With no compromise between speed and torque, facilitated integration and maintenance reducing the machine’s time spent off the road and when required for work in very cold conditions (such as snow clearing operations), John Deere SSLs can rely on the capacity of the MS-2C motors to operate at extremely low temperatures.
In a rapidly expanding world market for SSLs (100,000 units per year predicted for all manufacturers), John Deere and Poclain Hydraulics are both sure to be central players!

Our thanks to Gregg ZUPANCIC for having kindly agreed to take part in the writing of this article.


Poclain Hydraulics’ historic know-how, enabling to produce and market this range of motors for over 10 years for all major SSL manufacturers, ensures that John Deere can offer its customers machines that combine all the required qualities.

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