Feb 24, 2014



The first commercial relations between Poclain Hydraulics and our Group go all the way back to 1985. At the time a newly founded French company, Hydro Rénovation, was interested in hydraulic repair work on all brands, with a particular interest in components made by Poclain Hydraulics. All these components are used in motors in the building and public works, shipping, manufacturing and agricultural industries.

Our business relationship with this company was stepped up during the 1980s. Our partnership was then cemented by the certification of two companies in our Group: Hydro Rénovation three years ago and France Hydraulique – Midi-Pyrénées more recently.
Group companies have full national coverage in France and repair more than 4,000 components each year, including a significant number of components for Poclain Hydraulics.
Over the years, we have upgraded our facilities and control resources, namely test benches, specific tooling for Poclain Hydraulics and a disassembly bench for the brand’s motors. All reconditioned components are covered by warranty according to the standards of Poclain Hydraulics. Our workshop personnel are assisted by Poclain Hydraulics technicians.

We have a huge custumer bas, ranging from buiding and public works, agriculture, shipping and manufacturing. We also work on complex hydraulic control systems.
We have in-depth knowledge of and experience with all types of products and materials and provide advice and solutions to customers on the problems they encounter. We monitor all repairs made and in some cases can provide traceability, and we can also define products for new applications. This is our day-to-day mission, which goes far beyond simple repairs.
We are regularly asked to inspect and provide Poclain Hydraulics – Pumps – Motors components.










We are very happy with the relationship of trust built up between our two companies. Our professionalism in hydraulic maintenance and our willingness to continually improve the service we provide to our customers is recognized by many leaders in France.
Poclain Hydraulics is a key partner for our business, which has grown since we stepped up our business relationship.

We warmly thank Hydraucom’s Director, Olivier RIZZO, for his contribution.

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