Feb 24, 2014


Poclain Hydraulics Inc.’s First Customer

It’s been nearly thirty years since Poclain Hydraulics sold their very first H25 wheel motors to Bergkamp in Salina, Kansas, used for the ground drive on one of their continuous slurry seal and micro surfacing paver.
They are known to be one of Poclain Hydraulics’s first customers in North America.

This application eventually went to using MS18 wheel motors and finally, MS25’s. There are dual rear axles on the M1 continuous paver which utilize (2) motors per side and plumbed in a parallel, closed loop circuit. The Poclain Hydraulics motors are capable of handling very high axial and radial loads.

The truck weighs nearly 75,000 lbs (over 34 tons,) fully loaded and capable of travel at a max speed of 15 mph (24 kph.).
Bergkamp is an international leader in the design and manufacturing of asphalt pavement preservation equipment for contractors and government agencies. Bergkamp equipment has a reputation for quality, performance, and operator-friendly features. Bergkamp is a customer that receives Poclain product through one of our North American distributor, SunSource.

Our thanks to Jason BERGKAMP, Bill COOPER and Marques FAIR.


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