Autonomous vehicles

Oct 2, 2020


Small autonomous or radio-controlled vehicles are highly adaptable to working in unsafe, difficult or inaccessible environments. From firefighting equipment to turf-care machines, including track-drive vehicles, their drive systems need to be compact, responsive and powerful. This is exactly what Poclain Hydraulics offers.

Danfo Fire Fighter

The Danfo Fire Fighter Robot in China


Poclain helps customers in various markets integrate these new technologies that are influencing their industries like never before. In construction, agriculture, forestry, and security services, this technology enables machines to perform functions autonomously such as digging trenches, excavating foundations, and grading building pads and more.

In China, fire robots have recently appeared on the field. This type of firefighting equipment is used in environments that are difficult and dangerous for humans beings. Danfo, the system integrator for this machine, collaborated with Poclain to integrate four MS02 motors for the track drive in this machine.

In agriculture, Poclain Hydraulics drive system solutions equip various autonomous machines worldwide, such as precision makers, radio-controlled mowers, and others including Agrointelli Robotti in Denmark.

Agrointelli Robotti

Agrointelli Robotti



Poclain Hydraulics also supplies wheelmotors for Raven Industries’ DOT Power Platform.

Raven Industries' DOT Platform

 The Raven Industries' DOT Power Platform



The Poclain Hydraulics PM10 pump, a champion on light robots and radio-controlled machines


Poclain’s electro-proportional control PM10 pump’s axial pistons and trunnion design are fully adapted to accommodate medium duty applications like robots. Starting at only 7 cc (0.43 per rev), it offers the smallest displacement on the market. If you need more speed through bigger displacement, the PM20 offers 21 to 28 cc/rev, with the same electro proportional control as PM10.

PM10 Pump tandem electric control

Poclain Hydraulics Electro-proportional Control PM10 Pump


The PM10 with electro-proportional control is fit for radio-controlled applications between 15 and 40 kW (20 to 53 HP), such as trench compactors, tandem rollers, mowers, sprayers, carriers and others.

With its universal solenoid electro-proportional control, the PM10 connects to any type of smart control system. It is available either with (Q option) or without feedback (P option). The feedback provides optimal stability even on rough terrain, a feature that comes in handy on applications such as trench compactors and mowers. 

Choose from a wide array of options:

  • Charge pump
  • Flushing valve
  • Anti-stall Valve
  • Pressure cut-off
  • Safety Valve
  • Neutral position switch
  • Filter on the charge pressure line with and without a clogging indicator
  • Mechanical or hydraulic inching
  • Roller bearing
  • Tandem mount for tracked vehicles and compactors

PM10 specifications:

  • Closed loop circuit
  • 7 to 21 cc (0.23 to 1.24 per rev) displacement
  • 210-350 bar (3,000-5,000 PSI) circuit pressure
  • High-pressure relief valves included

For a high-performance system package, the PM10 pairs with Poclain Hydraulics MK04, MS02 or MS05 motors and a gear pump for the attachment.


Electrohydrostatic Driven Machines

With the market driving more in the direction of autonomous and/or zero emission electric machines, Poclain transmissions easily accommodate this evolution with electrohydrostatic transmissions - hydrostatic systems driven by e-motors. Electrohydrostatic transmissions require minimum machine design changes, and offer part and chassis commonality between diesel and electrohydraulic machines. This eases the transition and learning curve for end users and maintenance crews while enabling OEMs to meet environmental and regulation pressure to produce zero emission machines. Poclain's electromobility team is dedicated to the electrification of hydrostatic transmission machines, the development and study of electrohydrostatic technologiy, and supporting OEMs on their electrification projects.


Poclain Hydraulics will be present at Bauma China in booth N4. 821. Contact us to set up a meeting at the show to learn more about this and other solutions. 


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