Braking System Horizontal Drilling Machine

Oct 2, 2020


Poclain Hydraulics currently offers complete on-road and off-road braking solutions. MHP range motors are now available with service brake S17 and S20, parking brake P17 and P20 and combined brake C27. Coupled with the VB3 valve range, they meet a number of OEM requirements: low-pressure drop, space constraints, short response time, safety, reliability and top performance.

Braking Horizontal Drilling Machine

Braking System for Horizontal  Drilling Machine


Located in the bearing support, the braking system of the MHP range keeps the overall solution’s axial length under 44 cm for the MHP11 to 7 or under 50 cm for the MHP20 and 27! The MHP is one of the more compact motors on the market.

The new generation of oil-immersed brakes helps mobile machinery meet today’s stringent road safety regulations.

In underground mining machines such as jumbo drilling in China or tunneling jumbo from Sandvik for example, subject to anti-explosion regulations and long descents that call for a high performance wet brake solution.

In agriculture, 4000L sprayers are required to stop in under 20 meters, and have a braking time below three seconds traveling at 40 kph.

To meet safety requirements, vehicle-braking systems features need to have a secondary braking system to use if the primary one fails: embedded in the S17 and S20 service brake the patented double control command offers full redundancy over the braking command.


Field-proven MHP excellence

Poclain hydraulics MHP motors

Poclain Hydraulics MHP Motors


Numerous OEMs worldwide from agriculture, construction, material-handling equipment to utility installation equipment such as HDDs, and other mining, marine or industrial applications have switched to the MHP series. The High-Performance range of products aims to set a standard for cam-lobe motor technology in terms of performance, reliability and efficiency. At equivalent displacement, the MHP series can transfer up to three times more power than the standard MS range.

In just two years, the MHP has equipped thousands of machines and over 50 customers. Beyond being qualified to operate up to 500 bar, the MHP range has seen success thanks to its very stable high performance regardless of displacement and speed, exceeding 90% overall efficiency over a broad operating range. With the MHP range, radial piston technology expresses best-in-class heavy-duty potential. The latest models MHP13 to MHP17 are taking off for promising success with smaller displacements and higher speeds.


VB3 valves for single or dual brake circuits


The VB3 valves are smart, robust and extremely compact. They are the most compact range on the market. The VB3-20 weighs 43% less than its predecessor, and is the shortest dual circuit valve on the market. The VB3 range also answers to geographical or OEMs specific braking regulations.

VB3 valves address single and dual brake circuits. They use a wet spring box and have options for larger ports on the same housing, making them a strong option for heavy machinery. A lower pressure drop (7.5 bar for the VB3-020) and pressure tolerance (less than +/- 3 bar), a higher flow rate (up to 50 l per minute) and maximum inlet pressure (up to 250 bars) enhance performance.

Poclain hydraulics VB3 valves

Poclain Hydraulics VB3 Valves


The casted boby and flexible design (vertical or horizontal position) making it easier to integrate. All the Poclain Hydraulics dual circuit valves in the VB range have the same fixation points and connect to the same actuators. They facilitate interchangeability making the benefits of the new design accessible for a wide range of machines: loaders, excavators, site dumpers, mining equipment, forklift trucks, telehandlers, forestry machines, mowers, airport equipment and cranes. 

All VB3 valves come standard with reinforced sealing and a wet spring box to avoid external pollution and prevent rust. It houses parallel-mounted spools. Oil contamination is always a hazard, but in the event that one spool becomes stuck because of contamination, the other spool will still actuate the brake.


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