Oct 2, 2020


Infrastructure projects such as China’s Belt and Road project in China continue despite the challenges presented by a global pandemic. This and other projects like it continue to create a need for compaction equipment.compactors-bauma-china2020-poclain

A wide range of equipment is available on the market to answer these needs, from walk behind roller and combi-rollers, to trench rollers, asphalt vibratory rollers and soil compactors, each application presents a specific set of needs and challenges when it comes to power transmissions. Power transmission solutions need to give OEMs the answer to increasingly complex vibration systems, stringent pollution regulations, while providing a competitive price with responsive logistics.  With well over thirty years of experience developing power transmission solutions for compactors, Poclain Hydraulics remains a trusted partner for compaction OEMs– from small to large.

Soil Compactor Power Transmission

  • MS Motor for wheel drive
  • MS Motor for drum drive
  • PM tandem pumps for drive & vibration
  • Traction control valve

Double drum rollers (under 4T) Power Transmission

  • MS or MK motor for drum drive
  • PM pump for drum drive
  • Traction control valve

Double drum rollers (over 4T) Power Transmission

  • MS motor for drum drive
  • M motor for drum vibration
  • PM triple pumps for drive and vibration
  • Traction control valve

Walk behind rollers Power Transmission

  • MS or MK motor for drum drive
  • PMV0 pump with through shaft for drum drive

PM Pumps and Tandem Pumps

Compactor OEMs need to deliver optimized operator comfort and productivity, addressing operator fatigue from all angles. Poclain PM pumps and tandem pumps offer reduced noise, optimized controls, and a long lifetime – addressing driver comfort and fatigue as well as reducing maintenance.

Traction control valves

Compactors often work on hilly or low adherence terrain – traction control valves and high starting efficiency help operators to be more productive. 

Spotlight on MS18

The MS18/MSE18 motor, developed specifically for compaction, not only meets cost efficiency performance and space constraint requirements, but is gaining trust in China and Asia overall.

The compact and reinforced bearing support withstands accelerations of twenty g-force, while the direct drive improves efficiency, prevents backlash and provides greater flexibility for use at low speed than machines using high-speed motors and gearbox assemblies. The MS18/MSE18 starting performance is 15% greater than a high-speed motor and gearbox combination and 12% higher overall. Making it easier for operators starting on hills, and maneuvering around obstacles.

With a displacement range of 1 to 2.8 liters and a parking brake of up to 19,000 Nm, a wide range of 8 to 14 tonne (8.8 to 15 US tons) compactors are covered to enable seamless machine integration. In terms of machine architecture, silentbloc shock absorbers can be placed either between the drum and the motor, or between the motor and the chassis. This provides greater flexibility for the manufacturer’s architecture than high-speed motors, which require complete isolation from the drum.

Poclain Hydraulics is trusted by many of Asia’s leading compactor OEMS, entering the Asian market over 12 years ago after a wide spread success in the European market. 

Poclain Hydraulics will be present at Bauma China in booth N4. 821. Contact us to set up a meeting at the show to learn more about this and other solutions. 

Bauma China 2020 

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