Oct 1, 2020


Anytime underground utilities are installed and excavation is adverse or prohibited, trenchless equipment is used. From fiber optics to water and sewage systems, oil, gas and electricity, the projects abound. Trenchless technology is 70 years old, roughly the same age as Tracto-Technik, a leading supplier in trenchless equipment. Headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalia, the company sells its extensive range of trenchless equipment around the world. Their new generation of HDD systems, the Grundodrill JCS/ACS series, combines innovative technology and automatization. The Grundodrill 130ACS, which allows for boring in complex soils, integrates a revolutionary Poclain Hydraulics motor.


With over 350 recorded patents, Tracto-Technik has built its name around its passion for innovation, high-quality German-made and in-depth knowledge of underground drilling. From 6 to 28 tons pulling force, the new Grundodrill series exemplifies their latest breakthroughs. It allows for remote drilling, which means only one operator is required to steer the drill head and engage the rods. The touchpad provides a slew of data, including 3D bore planning and fleet management. The Grundodrill 130ACS combines smart with powerful. Its bore head can drill through both soil and solid rock depending on the operator setting. The outstanding operating range is made possible thanks to the combination of two Poclain Hydraulics coaxial hydrobases. A size 05 MS hydrobase rotates the inner tube of the drill and crushes the rock.

A 30 per rev (500 cc) high-performance hydrobase, deriving from the MHP design, powers the outer tube at 230 rpm for steering and drilling. Lucas Jostes, TractoTechnik Hydraulic System Designer, took part in designing the solution: “Poclain Hydraulics’ direct drive motors are on a number of our machines for the feed and rotary drives. With the MHP technology, we can also use them for the drill head drive and provide exceptional power and speed.”

High Performance and Direct Drive Position the 130 ACS Above the Rest

The two hydrobases provide high torque at optimal drilling speed and eliminate the need for expensive and maintenance intensive gears. The package is short and placed in line with the rods, while the previous designs required a complex set-up of gears to transfer the torque. As a result, the slimmer 130ACS can access confined construction sites. The second benefit is the 60 mm hollow shaft, which enables the bentonite to flow through the motor at high pressure, thus greatly reducing pressure losses.


A Co-Designed Solution

“The engineers at Poclain Hydraulics adapted the MHP concept to meet our requirements. The hollow shaft and our specific displacement were not in their catalog.” TractoTechnik proposed the dual-hydrobase concept, and Poclain Hydraulics matched the speed and power requirements. Tracto-Technik then integrated the hydrobases to the drill rig. During the tests the company carried out in their test area, the co-designed solution worked instantly.

Production will begin in 2020 and the new hydrobase combination will likely be integrated to additional models. To learn more about Tracto-Technik visit their website.

Poclain Hydraulics directional drill market contact: Thierry DELAGE

Poclain Hydraulics will be present at Bauma China in booth N4. 821. Contact us to set up a meeting at the show to learn more about this and other solutions.