Sep 7, 2020

Electrohydraulic: An Instructional Test Bench for INSA Lyon

Poclain Hydraulics recently answered the call from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Lyon to build a test bench for engineering students, integrating hydraulic motors, pumps and valves with electric motors.

INSA School

The new educational test bench combined with its digital twin will give one hundred thirty mechanical engineering students at INSA Lyon a comprehensive perspective of an electro-hydraulic power transmission this school year. Under the tutelage of Professors Nadine Noël and Eric Bideaux, the test bench will now be available for students in their fourth year of study (second year of engineering specialization) during practical courses. It will complement coursework on hydraulic power transmissions. These courses are open to students in the fields of "Mechatronics and Systems", "Engineering and Design" and "Product Innovation Design" (work-study programs).

Design and Digital Twin

The Cerebrum engineering design office at Fluid Design Group designed the test bench as well as the corresponding digital model. The bench is comprised of a closed loop hydrostatic transmission as well as a PM10 Poclain Hydraulics pump, electric motors/generators, controls as well as an array of sensors. The assembly functions via energy recirculation and greatly reduces the amount of energy needed for practical application.  An electric asynchronous motor drives the PM pump equipped with an integrated charge pump. The flow generated by the pump drives the hydraulic motor, which, in turn, drives a second synchronous electric (servo) motor acting as a generator charging in part the asynchronous motor. The bench’s hydrostatic transmission highlights the advantages of this technology, particularly its compactness, the simplicity of its safety devices (pressure limiters rated at 100 bar protect the circuit), the ability of hydraulic fluid to transport power as well as the losses of the different components.

A Plexiglas hood, equipped with air vents to guarantee the safety of students/workers alike, covers the visible portion of the hydrostatic transmission.

Frédéric Lagors, Technical Director – Cerbrum Engineering, modeled the hydrostatic transmission with SIEMENS’ Simcenter AMESim software creating the bench’s digital twin, easing the transition from the virtual to practical work on the bench. Eric Bideau developed the command-control interface using MATLAB Simulink and DSpace automatic rapid prototyping.

Due to its versatility, the bench will help address a number of topics covered in these fields of study, in particular power transmission technology, energy optimization, command-control, sensors and measurement.

More than 350 mechanical engineering students leave the ranks of INSA Lyon each year, to grow the ranks of experts in the industry. 

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