Jul 28, 2020

Puy du Fou: Technical Challenge and Artistic Statement

With several international awards, Puy du Fou has recently launched its new original creation “Les Noces de feu”. Poclain Hydraulics is delighted to have taken part in this ambitious and atypical project.


The new night show, “Les Noces de Feu” made its public debut June 12th. This technical and artistic feature, achieved thanks to the cutting-edge expertise SDEI Spectacles, experts in scenographic technology, and HYNOXELIS, electrohydraulic system engineering specialists, in collaboration with EAS'HY, hydraulic system supplier and manufacturer, integrated Poclain Hydraulics motors and pumps into the technical package.

The main feat the hydraulic power unit accomplishes in the "Les Noces de Feu" is to bring two giant sets out from the bottom of a lake. The two submerged structures, the first carrying a piano and the second carrying the wedding carriage pulled by swans, embark the actors along a 150 – 200 meter long course made up of bends as well as a few dives in the depths of the lake while all the machinery remains completely invisible.

The hydraulic power unit incorporates two PM50 Poclain Hydraulics pumps, the command control system is autonomous thanks to on-board batteries placed in sealed boxes. Poclain Hydraulics MS05 hydrostatic motors drive the wheels along a submerged rail and remain underwater for the entire 30-minute show.

The remarkable project is a beautiful and technical feat that will not fail to leave a lasting impression on the team that worked together to make it possible.