Small Road Sweeper

Jul 16, 2020

Poclain Hydraulics Hydrostatic Transmission Systems for Small Road Sweepers

Urbanization continues to be a trend globally, and increasing urbanization often means increasing demands on the environment. With this, cleaning equipment is receiving more and more attention. In areas inaccessible or inconvenient for large road vehicles such as urban auxiliary roads, narrow roads, non-motorized vehicle paths, sidewalks, pedestrian streets, scenic belts, parks, schools, attractions, and residential communities, the use of compact and multifunctional small road sweepers are becoming more essential for maintenance. Even more importantly, they help improve the quality of life for inhabitants by avoiding issues such as flying dust caused by manual cleaning operations.


Small sweepers have many optional functions making them very versatile machines. Special operation attachments include snow shovel, snow sweeper and ground scrubbing. Operation is very efficient and simple, with one person able to change the attachments within half an hour, making them extremely attractive machines.

Hydrostatic transmission systems have long been used for compact multi-function machinery by OEMs due to their unique advantages such as continuous transmission ratio, efficiency, stable transmission power, flexible layout and convenient operation.

As a leader in the field of hydrostatic drives, Poclain Hydraulics has many years of successful application experience in the global small road sweeper market. Poclain Hydraulics cam lobe motors have a global market share of 75%. For small road sweepers, Poclain Hydraulics motors can be complemented by complete solutions, comprised of hydraulic pumps, valves, and electronic control components.


motor-small-sweeper-optionWith smaller machinery, maneuverability and space concerns are usually at the top of the list when it comes to system design. The MS(E) series radial cam lobe motors modular design, installation and compact size make them ideal for wheel drive application on machines like smaller sweepers. The robust design is resistant to contamination and the on-the-job hazards like dust and dirt. The MS(e) series offers displacements from 213-750cc/rev, single and double speed working modes, maximum pressures up to 450bar, and they can be integrated with service brake and parking brakes. The simple integrated design also helps to reduce costs associated with assembly.



Poclain Hydraulics’ PM closed-loop axial pump series delivers displacements ranging from 7 to 70cc/rev, mechanical/hydraulic/electric proportional with feedback/automatic D control as well as other variable displacement control methods. The maximum pressure can reach 400 - 420bar. The various control methods help the OEM to select the optimal configuration to meet their requirements for driver comfort.m-series-small-sweepers

For brushing operation, Poclain Hydraulics’ M series swash plate high-speed motor can provide displacements of 7-65cc/rev, maximum speeds of 3,600 r/min, working pressure of 210-250bar, and maximum pressure of 300-350bar.

Poclain Hydraulics systems are able to help OEMs looking to deliver optimal driver comfort, safety and machine productivity. It is worth noting that the unique electric proportional hydraulic control circuit designed by Poclain Hydraulics for domestic 3T small sweepers helps deliver comfortable operation with the added safety of anti-skid four-wheel drive function. The maximum speed can reach 32Km/h and a maximum grade of 25%.


Electrohydrostatic Driven Machines

Our transmissions easily accommodate a switch from hydrostatic driven by ICE to electrohydrostatic driven by e-motors with minimum machine design changes. With the market driving more in the direction of zero emission electric sweepers, part and chassis commonality between diesel and electrohydraulic machines eases the transition and learning curve for the end user and maintenance crews while enabling OEMs to meet environmental and regulation pressure to produce lower or zero emission machines. Poclain’s electromobility team is dedicated to the electrification of hydrostatic transmission machines, the development and study of electrohydrostatic technology, and supporting OEMs on their electrification projects.

With the demands of increased urbanization and needs for municipalities to control costs, sweeper productivity is ever more important. When the operating speed is 5.5±0.5Km/h, 400g/m2 or more waste can be cleaned in one operation, reaching market-leading levels.


APAC Region Support

With increasing demand in the APAC region and in order to respond to customers' rapid delivery requirements and further improve service quality, Poclain Hydraulics assembly plant and service workshop was established in Shanghai in 2010. At present, VB brake valves, MS(E) hydraulic motors, and PM hydraulic pumps are offered with local mass assembly, in efforts to shorten the delivery time and increase accessibility to these markets. Our logistics platform, centrally located in China, covers in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and other regions.


Poclain Hydraulics Solutions for Road Sweepers


Learn more about Poclain Hydraulics sweeper applications at IE Expo in Shanghai from August 13 – 15 at the Poclain Hydraulics booth N.5 A31 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai China.