Jul 22, 2019

Poclain Hydraulics' Brno Plant Welcomes 2019 Summer Interns

Poclain Hydraulics' Brno, Czech Republic plant recently had the privilege to welcome three new faces to our facility for 2019 Summer Internship Program – Marie FOVET, Jan MORTIER and Benjamin ROGE.

For the next two months, these three students from France - Marie, Jan and Benjamin - will be working with our Czech teams on various engineering initiatives.

Offering summer internships not only allows us to foster growth for young talent with real-world experience with an inside look into our company, but it also helps us to stay on our toes. Interns bring with them fresh eyes, new ideas and plenty of new questions.

The Summer Internship Program is a genuine opportunity for us to highlight and nurture our core values: PEOPLE, INNOVATION and INTERNATIONAL.