Mar 6, 2020

International Women's Day 2020

This International Women’s Day we asked the Poclain women around the world to share what makes them proud. Here are their responses:


"En un peu plus d’un an chez Poclain, j’ai déjà eu des missions de recrutement, de HR business partner généraliste, de communication et liées aux relations écoles. Lorsque je manifeste mon intérêt pour des thématiques, on me dit la plupart du temps que c’est possible. C’est motivant et encourageant !"(In a little over a year at Poclain I have already had recruitment assignments, undertaken the mission of HR business partner generalist and been the communication liaison with schools. If I show my interest in taking on a new project, most of the time I am told it is possible. It is motivating and encouraging!)

Something I’m proud of was succeeding in mentoring my colleague Aurelie. I think I did it well.

As an engineer in Poclain, I feel interested to work with many talent people with different background, and find solutions together for different topics.

Happy to be part of PH team since 2006! With many challenges driving us every day, I have a sense of pride when my team works together to successfully complete a project.

Valeurs, expertise et bonne humeur sont les ingrédients clés pour lesquels je prends la route de Poclain chaque matin. Chaque journée est un nouveau défi que je suis fière de partager avec mon équipe RH.(Values, expertise and positivity are the key reasons I take the road to Poclain every morning. Every day is a new challenge that I’m proud to share with my HR team.)

What I like the best at Poclain is the opportunity to work with people from many different countries. I find it very enriching.



“Working with Sourcing, I have gained many worthy business relationship which gave me confidence to explore my ability to work at tough situations”. I felt very proud and happy when I got this compliment from many of our vendors saying that my support to them on daily basis is reliable & they trust on me in terms of financial topics”

 “While Working in HR, I got an opportunity to take care of HSE Role for a short while. People supported me largely. It gave me lot of strength & gain self-confidence. ”

 “My greatest accomplishment was being the youngest employee my previous employer promoted me to work independently in my assigned division. Now that helps me to develop my individuality and to shine in Poclain. Am proud that my dedication to work & effort never fails”





Career follows education – first apprenticeship @ PH Germany!
Anke, Miriana, Melanie




Poclain is a people-oriented international company. As Poclain's female employees, we are proud and happy. We work side by side with male compatriots in our work. We have the same vast world, and we are trusted and respected. Happy holidays to the sisters!

Poclain offers me a good stage to develop myself. We are family.

Grateful and cheerful, I enjoy every moment of growth in Poclain!

In my eyes, Poclain is a stable and constantly innovating and growing company, and it can have a good vision to resist risks.

I am delighted to grow with a group of partners who love life and work.



I am proud and honoured to be loyal to the same company for almost 35 years. I start my day at work with smile on my face and proudly raised head. I `m blessed for being surrounded by wonderful people of different generations and nationalities. We are learning from each other all the time and together we are creating strong pillars for Poclain's bright future. (Ponosna in počaščena sem, da sem že skoraj 35 zvesta istemu podjetju. Še vedno delovni dan začnem z dvignjeno glavo in nasmehom na obrazu. Sodelujem z mnogimi čudovitimi ljudmi različnih generacij in narodnosti. Ves čas se učimo drug od drugega in skupaj ustvarjamo trdne stebre za svetlo prihodnost podjetja POCLAIN.)