Feb 13, 2020

IFPE Education Session: On-Demand Hydraulic Assist for Vocational Trucks

Even on the most treacherous terrains, vocational trucks are expected to operate at the highest capacity. Operating in off-road conditions such as in fields and forests or construction sites, these trucks require all-wheel drive systems that are fully equipped to navigate terrain obstacles.

During this education series, we will explore the pros and cons between hydraulic and mechanical AWD drive systems and take a deeper look into which system is most effective given its application and the difference between integrating each system as well as dig deeper into the application experience of hydraulic assist from Terra Drive Systems.

Scott Betzen, Poclain Global Director of Distribution & North American Business Development, and Joe Iberl, Poclain Application Engineering Manager will be holding an education session at IFPE this year on On-Demand Hydraulic Assist for Vocational Trucks.

To learn more about on-demand hydraulic assist for vocational trucks, join their session:

March 12, 2020 at 3pm in room S230



“Terra Drive Systems and Poclain have combined their innovative technical talent and their application expertise to devise solutions that have created enthusiastic customers for decades. Their teams continue to anticipate the requirements of the future to deliver solutions that add value to their customers. We look forward to our further success together.”

Mike Grimes
President & CEO
Terra Drive Systems, Inc.