Jan 20, 2016

New High Performance motor awarded

Poclain Hydraulics has been awarded “Best Product or Innovation for the Environment” at the last LAMMA tradeshow edition thanks to its brand new High Performance motor (MHP20/27).

Lamma tradeshow 2016

LAMMA is the UK’s largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show.

The Innovation Awards took place on Wednesday 20th January 2016.

 Lamma tradeshow motor 2016

As a result of many years of design and validation, the MHP20/27 has for ambition to become a new reference for cam-lobe hydraulic motors, when it comes to performances or reliability, while representing the perfect solution to optimize the fuel consumption.
Agricultural machinery OEMs are always looking at more performing, robust and fuel-efficient solutions, when it comes to their hydrostatic transmission.

Thanks to the most advanced calculation and simulation tools, every single component of the MHP20/28 has been optimized to the last detail.

Taking benefits of its innovative and optimized design, the MHP motor manages to greatly eliminate the losses normally created into any hydraulic unit: this motor range can then display global efficiency values over 90%, even at the highest speed.

Fuel consumption and reduction of emission have become over the last years a critical concern for any farmer community, who wants to optimize production costs while be environmental-friendly.

The hydraulic motors MHP20 & MHP27 represent the keystones of the new HIGH PERFORMANCE solutions exclusively developed by Poclain Hydraulics, providing Ag machines with the lowest environmental footprint for their hydraulic transmissions.

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