Apr 2, 2019

Poclain Mag #13 Bauma 2019 Edition

Editorial Poclain Mag 13th Edition

Dear valued customers, partners and friends,

It is bewildering to see how fast time flies. Especially in the last three years, as the construction equipment industry ventures into new horizons and integrates new technologies, triggering strong movements in strategic domains.

The first one is the drivetrain, not just because of the ongoing demand for lower emissions, but also because OEMs are looking into battery-driven systems and continue to downsize. The drivetrain is directly related to the second topic, techno-enabled comfort and guidance for the end user.

Family-owned, innovative and agile, Poclain Hydraulics is committed to developing, together with our customers, systems for tomorrow’s requirements. For example, the new MHP motor series, with its benchmark technology in terms of controllability and efficiency, enables our customers to stay within the emission regulations and provide the same, if not more output power. For smaller machines like yard loaders, we have developed higher efficiency motors to enable our customers to downsize the combustion engine below the 19 kW mark, while delivering the same performance. A double digit market share gain is a sign that we have listened to the OEMs and provide the best solution on the market.

A third example is our new radial-piston motors with high flow covers, which are used on yard loaders, tool carriers, skid steer loaders, rail applications, and milling attachments, thus reducing the internal pressure drop. Our customers can, in turn, reduce the combustion engine rpm, level of emissions and fuel consumption. By combining the high-flow cover motors with our ECU-controlled power regulation, we have reduced emissions by a double-digit percentage on specific applications. At Poclain Hydraulics we see the concurrent constraints of emission regulation, power density, and agility as a whole. The crucial point is that we move forward while maintaining or even increasing the performance and agility of our hydraulic systems.

The third major transformation is the Internet of Things, which improves the controllability of the complete machine. Because of the benefits that IoT provides to our customers, we have identified this a major development focus and are using the data collected in the field to understand application usage and needs better, as well as deliver value-add to the OEM.

The market is moving fast and we at Poclain Hydraulics focus on providing and supporting your developments from the first idea to full implementation. I look forward to seeing you at BAUMA, catching up with your news and sharing more inspiring ideas.


Area Sales Manager Central Europe