Jan 17, 2020

Poclain Hydraulics supports Anis Trend's Multi-material Channel Balers

Poclain Hydraulics takes a holistic approach supporting Anis Trend - The Baler Company's reliable and efficient multi-material channel balers.


Waste treatment and recycling continue to be hot topics as we create more and more waste. In the search for an ecological way of life, there are many approaches to treating waste. Regardless of the end-treatment chosen, typically waste needs to be pressed or shredded first. This is why presses, automatic balers and shredders continue to be in demand. 

With heavy loads and continuous operation 24/7, the recycling sector is renowned to be extremely demanding in the process of machinery design, production and handling. Channel baling presses are no different. End users need robust machinery to handle different types of material such as plastic or paper waste. The machinery needs to consistently do the job fast in order to meet the operators’ quotas and deliver the right ROI.

Anis Trend focuses on meeting these needs with their machinery. Their portfolio consists of complete solutions, with options to join channel hydraulic presses with conveyor belts and sorting lines. Their channel baling presses are one of the industry’s most advanced, capable of processing the widest assortment of materials on the market e.g. paper, cardboard, plastics, and domestic waste or metal cans.

With a solid history of designing power units for the recycling industry, Poclain Hydraulics looks at custom valve block projects holistically, supporting OEMs throughout the development of their project from beginning to end. “We focus on the goals the OEM has for the machine, instead of solely on providing the valve block,” says Ales Novak, Industrial & Stationary Market Manager for Poclain Hydraulics. “This understanding of the machine’s final functionality plus a local presence makes a positive difference for both our customers and the end users”.


The cooperation between Anis Trend and Poclain Hydraulics began in the early 2000’s when Anis Trend was looking for a reliable partner to design and support their multi-material channel baler machine with its hydraulic system.

Poclain Hydraulics designed a valve block for this application able to withstand the constantly changing and demanding loads. Anis Trend’s machine produces over 60 tons per hour to meet the ROI demands of the end user. For this reason, the valve block needed to deliver high capacity/flow with low losses. It mounts directly on the cylinder, and integrated functions in a single block means low leak risk. This helps Anis Trend deliver reliable and efficient machines capable of the level of output end user’s need to generate solid ROI in a demanding waste management market.

Poclain Hydraulics' Industrial and Stationary Market division has a long history of supplying diverse industrial machine producers with high torque low speed (HTLS) radial motors, hydraulic power units and complete system solutions. Industrial applications, Recycling machines, Marine segment, Mining equipment and Power generation are just few examples of industries where OEMs recognize Poclain Hydraulics as a reliable partner, capable of producing unique components that correspond to each customer’s demands.

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