Dec 16, 2019

Kärcher Turns to Poclain Hydraulics for their Compact Street-Sweeper


“Mum, the neighbor wants to borrow our Kärcher.” The brand’s number 1 product is so widely used that it has become a common noun in several Western countries, alongside escalator, band-aid, and scotch tape. Weighing 2.5 bn € in sales and employing 13,000 people, the family-owned group is specialized in cleaning equipment for private and professional users. The professional section of their offering namely features street-sweepers, including the more recent Poclain Hydraulics driven MIC 42, a compact all terrain municipal machine.

With the MIC 42, Kärcher offers a multipurpose municipal machine that blends compact dimensions and powerful drive performance. Only 1.08 meters wide, it can carry a load of up to one ton. It also complies with the Stage V emission standard for use in inner-city zones. As for the implements, it integrates a standard coupling triangle that accepts tractor as well as generic tools. Overall the MIC 42 makes for a superior operator experience, combining high maneuverability, tractive force, and driving comfort.

Starting in 2014, Kärcher and Poclain Hydraulics worked on designing the hydraulic transmission for the MIC 42. They chose to integrate four MS02 wheel motors – the machine is four-wheel drive – and a PM30 pump. We talked with Matthias Fleig, Product Management Municipal Solutions, to find out how the project came to life.

Poclain Hydraulics: What prompted Kärcher to develop the MIC 42 municipal machine?

Matthias Fleig: The MIC 42 is an evolution of the MIC 34, which was launched in 2012. It was developed to offer a multipurpose vehicle that complied with the new Stage V emission standard. We also integrated the latest trends and wishes of our customers.

What is the positioning of the MIC 42 on the market and within Kärcher’s offering?

Matthias Fleig: With a horsepower of 42 HP and a maximum overall weight of 2.5 tons, the MIC 42 stands between the MIC 34C tool carrier (34 HP and 1.75T max weight) and the MC 130 municipal sweeper (50 HP and 3.5 T max weight). The multifunctional and highly maneuverable tool carrier has been specially designed for inner-city areas, for example sweeping and wet cleaning, snow grooming, green area maintenance, as well as for transportation. Due to its compact dimensions and small turning radius, the machine operates well in tight spaces.

What are the MIC 42’s features?

Kärcher is the first manufacturer to have implemented an engine that meets the emissions requirements of the Stage V standard in a municipal sweeper of this class. With a few exceptions, other OEMs have switched to other fuels or have removed the model from their catalog.

Driver comfort is at the forefront of our product development. With 1.45 m³, the MIC 42 has the largest cab in its class and offers a comfortable workspace. A consistent operator interface concept across the range enables easy control of all the functions. The turbine of the 800 l hopper was designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimize cleaning at low engine speed and thus reduce fuel consumption.

What made you choose Poclain Hydraulics for the MIC 42?

Poclain Hydraulics, as a system supplier for the traction drive, convinced us not only because of the degree of customization of their components, but also because of their compact yet efficient and powerful drives. Another deciding factor for Kärcher was the high reliability and long service life of the components.

How did Poclain Hydraulics collaborate with you on the project?

Poclain Hydraulics’ engineering team was highly competent and responsive. Their system matched our requirements and we were able to integrate it rapidly and introduce the new series on time.

How does the Poclain Hydraulics technology impact the performance of the MIC 42?

The Poclain Hydraulics components in the MIC 42 help us meet the more stringent market requirements for this specific vehicle class: higher travel speed (24 kph), payload capacity and service life. So far, the MIC 42 has received excellent feedback from the market, and sales are on the rise worldwide, in Europe as well as in Asia.karcher-turns-to-Poclainpm-30-pump