Nov 21, 2019

Training Week in Pondicherry

Our trainers never rest.

Internal training is a solid component of the Poclain Hydraulics Training Center's (PHTC) expertise and mission. The latest PHTC training was organized for our colleagues in Pondicherry, from the 07 to 11 October 2019 by two on-site trainers.

The two objectives defined for this session were to train both new members of the Powertrain plant team and continue training local operators.

The goals for the Poclain Powertrain team was to review the fundamentals of hydraulics and our products so that they have the competencies needed to introduce the new Addidrive system for personal vehichles.

The training included an overview of the new Addidrive system analyzing in detail each component of the system before studying the full-scale operation of the new Addidrive system developed by Poclain Powertrain.

Our Poclain Powertrain plant collaborators completed the training course in an engaged and professional ambience allowing for a fluid exchange of knowledge and experience between trainees and PHTC trainers.

PHTC selected several training courses to offer our Poclain Hydraulics Pondicherry, India plant collaborators including the Poclain Overview, Awareness and Motor for Operator.

A number of newcomers and Poclain Hydraulics Pondicherry, India collaborators participated in the Poclain Overview and Awareness course to learn more about our company, our products and hydrostatic transmissions.

Motor for Operators is a training course dedicated to new operators on the product line, the goal for them is to understand the design and operation of our hydraulic motors. The attendees were mainly apprentices with at least one year seniority in the company.