Jun 19, 2019

Primary School Student Visit in Žiri, Slovenia

Across the globe, Poclain Hydraulics works with educational institutions to forge an interest in manufactuing, technical programs and industry. Over the years, Poclain Hydraulics, Žiri, Slovenia location has developed a relationship with local primary schools to give local children a chance to learn more about manufactuing and industry allowing them an inside look into operations. As a reward for this in our Žiri facility, the last couple of Fridays were full of childrens' laughter and joy. 


On Friday May 5th, we hosted a group of 68 children from third grade of Primary school in Žiri.
A week later, on Friday June 6th a group of 60 children from seventh grade of the same school had the opportunity to attend a technical day at our facility.

All pupils enjoyed their visit and we are excited to continue this relationship hosting them again next year. As a thank you they shared a number of drawings that represented their day.