Oct 17, 2019

Spotlight on Poclain Hydraulics Training Center Asia

Poclain Hydraulics Training Center has expanded to Asia with the inauguration of PHTCA (Poclain Hydraulics Training Center – Asia).

Opening a training center in Asia has allowed us to facilitate focused training on hydraulic and electronic fundamentals as well as assembly, repair and installation of our products for our distributors and customers locally to the region in Asia.


Alongside training materials adapted to the local market, PHTCA has the added benefit of a dedicated local trainer with strong application experience in the region. Having a local trainer is key in helping our trainees connect the information and hands-on learning they experience with practical application.

Our training center uses a multitude of teaching methods from live in classroom training and multimedia presentations and supports and training books, to real life application.

  • Application examples - Trainees are able to approach hydrostatic transmission principles and put them into practice.
  • Real Life Application – Our training centers are equipped with sample product to give our trainees the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and put knowledge into application with real tools and parts.
  • Skills assessments – assessments play a vital role in our trainings to validate the knowledge acquired by trainees.

With over 85 years of experience spread between our expert technical trainers, Poclain Hydraulics Training Centers offer trainings designed for a wide range of technical knowledge and backgrounds. Learn more about whether you could benefit from our training opportunities by reaching out to your local Poclain Hydraulics sales representative.PHTCA-Hands-On PHTCA-Trainer