SID Selects Poclain Hydraulics' MI250 Motor for its Biggest Hook Shredder

May 16, 2017

SID Selects Poclain Hydraulics' MI250 Motor for its Biggest Hook Shredder

Reducing size of waste is a major step when trying to optimize waste management and improve productivity of recycling plants.


This is why SID, a leader in “size reduction” installations, offers a wide range of shredders able to treat an extensive range of material (MSW, bulky waste, industrial carpet, tires,…) reducing their size through cutting, tearing and breaking forces.

With up to 630kW installed power, the XLC 7300 is the largest hook shredder on the market able to deliver throughput up to 150 tons per hour.

In order to provide the high torque necessary to consistently perform at peak performance, SID has decided to install Poclain Hydaulics’ MI250 motor on each of the two machine shafts. This new motor is the largest hydraulic unit in Poclain Hydraulics range, with a maximum output torque of 160kN.m.

MI250 Motor

MI250 Motor

Based on radial piston technology, the MI250 is the most efficient, high performance and robust solution available for heavy duty applications like shredders.
Thanks to high working pressure and low internal inertia, the MI250 can withstand load peaks or rotation direction changes without restrictions.
This installation is a new example of the close and successful partnership between SID and Poclain Hydraulics to offer best in class shredder on the market.

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