Sep 14, 2018

Poclain Quick Tips: best practices straight from our experts


Poclain“quick tips”: quick best practices for our products straight from our experts. Check back weekly for new tips.

#1) In a closed circuit, it is recommended to have reservoir capacity between 1 and 1.5 times the flow rate of the pumps drawing from it. In an open circuit, the recommended capacity is at least equal to 3 times the pump’s flow rate.

#2) If a hydraulic oil is used at cold temperatures there is a risk of cavitation, charge pressure loss, and filter clogging. If a hydraulic oil is used at high temperatures there is a risk of excessive internal leakage and seizing of moving components. 

#3) A pump or motor case drain must be located at the highest point when the motor is mounted. If this is not possible, the shape of the hose run must assure the motor case remains full of oil. Care must be used to avoid a siphoning effect if the pump or motor is unused for a long period of time. 

#4) Lubricating threads (grease, anti-seize, etc.) changes the tightening torque. Ensure all connections are secured and torqued using a calibrated torque wrench according to the manufacturer's instructions.