Oct 12, 2018

Poclain Hydraulics 2018 Supplier Days


At the beginning of September, Poclain Hydraulics welcomed representatives from 98 of our major suppliers from across the globe to our headquarters location in Verberie, France. Globally, we aim to partner with our suppliers to continuously improve, hold them accountable and develop long term relationships. This meeting gave our suppliers the opportunity to realign themselves with Poclain Hydraulics’ expectations, ambitions and long-term vision.

The meeting also served as a platform for Poclain to present our supplier network with updates from sourcing, supply chain and quality as well as product lines. Beyond presentations, suppliers were given an inside look at our plant and testing labs, and a visit to our test track for a demonstration of our Poclain Powertrain demo car and applications of our latest products.

The meetings concluded with an appreciation dinner and awards ceremony to recognize the hard work and commitment our suppliers have shown in supporting growth at Poclain. Thank you for your commitment to our continued success!