Jul 12, 2018

Highlight: Poclain Hydraulics Service

Patrick Daimé is Director of After-Sales at Poclain. In a business environment where demand has reached historically high levels, Poclain’s teams are posting a five-point increase in satisfaction rate. This is in part due to our strong service culture and agility that allows us to react quickly to potential field issues. The quality of after-market service and the customer relationship is a central element for loyalty. We keep track of our customer performance and make a point to anticipate the services of tomorrow.


In early 2017 you rolled out the spare parts platform at Poclain Hydraulics Brno, Czech Republic. How does this fit into Poclain’s after-sales strategy?

Patrick Daimé: Before January 2017, several European production sites and sales subsidiaries managed their own spare parts. Today they keep a stock that allows them to make repairs as they come in; as soon as it falls below the safety-stock level, Brno replenishes it. We opted for this new organization to eliminate redundancies and focus the expertise of our teams in one place. This location makes the most sense as it is the Brno plant that produces the greatest variety of motors in the Group. SAV (Service Après-Vente or After Sales Service) France teams are then able to focus on complex repairs, Flash repairs, training and personalized services. This is part of our move to step-up our commitment to our customers with specialized teams and optimized processes.

What are the after sales services offered by Poclain today?

After-sales encompasses two standard activities: repair management supported by our Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. We receive the product, assess it, repair it and manage the warranties. The second activity deals with spare parts, which is more like trading. We take orders, handle calls and inventory, package and ship parts. We also offer services that meet more specific customer demands. Such as the Flash Program that guarantees the manufacturer will receive its repaired motor in 48 hours maximum. Then there is the Reman program (reconditioning) for recurring customers, which allows them to replace a broken motor with a remanufactured motor that we repaired and tested on the bench. The customer replaces his motor in a short time and at a cost less than a new motor. We also update the installation and technical documentation and repair manuals of our products with exploded views and spare parts lists. Behind the scenes, after-sales training is important for both our subsidiaries and our authorized repair centers. We regularly hold trainings around the globe several times a year to keep technicians who work on Poclain products up to date on the latest techniques and best practices. We also allocate significant resources to create and update our installation and maintenance manuals.


Poclain is growing in the Middle East and Asia. How are you managing after-sales service in these areas?

We are working to recruit new repair shops in these underserved areas, which we will integrate into Poclain’s certified repair center network after training and contractual agreement. Currently we are certifying a center in the United Arab Emirates and others in Asia.

In the digital age, customers are demanding more transparency and data sharing. How does this translate into after-sales? 

  • We are continuing to roll-out an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) project
  • We are working on a customer portal project to facilitate the accessibility of relevant technical information and order taking slated for go-live in 2020. Currently, our Spares 2 portal gives customers who want it access to exploded views and spares lists.

With the Poclain Véhicules division, you are moving into the truck and commercial vehicle market. Do they have different aftermarket requirements?

These markets have very detailed requirements: warranty treatment, packaging, responsiveness, supply chain, documentation, collaboration very early on in projects ... This led us to adapt our organization to satisfy our customers throughout the development and life cycle of our products. Poclain offers white-label packaged spare parts, or even custom-made packaging. This appeals to the manufacturers of on-road vehicles as well as the off-road leaders. These options allow them to attach their logos on our packaging and to manage stock replenishment.

The internet opens the door to counterfeit products. Sites like Alibaba offer parts, complete motors, and photos that look like the originals. How can customers protect themselves from fraudulent products?

Thanks to our network of certified repairers, our customers have easy access to experts who have mastered our technology and can source guaranteed original parts. If a customer chooses a repair center outside our network, we cannot guarantee the product. Customers need to be careful about the professionals they contact. The list of our approved centers is available on our website