Oct 10, 2018

Poclain Hydraulics Ziri, Slovenia Donates Computers to Those in Need

Across the globe, in all local communities that Poclain calls home, we aim to have a positive impact through our corporate social responsibility mission. Our Social Responsibility Charter cements this commitment, and allows for our employees across the globe to work together to make our world a better place both socially and environmentally.

As part of this commitment, Poclain Hydraulics in Ziri, Slovenia recently donated more than 60 computers to educational institutions, charity organizations and voluntary fire brigades.

Poclain gave more than half of the computers to students from a local secondary school, another quarter to students in a local primary school. The remainder went to charity organizations and the local volunteer fire brigade.

The headmaster of the secondary school was extremely grateful for the equipment and the opportunities that the high-performance computer equipment will have on the students’ studies. These computers will simplify work for both students and professors, and open up the door for students to gain knowledge that will make it easier for them to continue their study at university or get involved in real-world work processes at local companies.

At Poclain Hydraulics, we are committed to improving education and working closely with students through many different programs. Many students we work with go on to acquire new knowledge and technical skills that they are later able to apply here at Poclain in either internships or careers.

Poclain Hydraulics chooses to manifest a socially responsible mission through its values and human resource management policies, respectfully and with charitable attention both globally locally.