Dec 10, 2012

Creation of Poclain Véhicules

The objective of this new entity is to participate in and boost the development of our On-Road market.

The mission of Poclain Véhicules is to offer to non-OEM customers homologated vehicles, enhanced with additional traction and energy-saving systems, using our hydraulic technologies.

In this perspective, Poclain Véhicules is today taking over the employees and the assets of 2 former French companies FAM and TORK ENGINEERING, respectively located in Etupes for vehicle adaptations and in Amilly for vehicle design and manufacturing of specific parts.

One of the first actions will be to commercialize its “on demand” 4x4 transmission  dedicated to light commercial vehicles.

This system, called "AddiDrive Assist™" dramatically improves mobility, while maintaining load capacity, fuel consumption, and offering the opportunity to retain the original chassis height.

Access to www.poclain-vehicules.com