Apr 1, 2015

Two awards in one for Poclain Hydraulics!

Poclain Hydraulics, recipient of the Oracle Trophies’ Trophy for the 2015 Users Club













March 6, 2015, in Paris, the following companies: 3SI, Carrefour, Club Méditerranée, La Poste, Poclain Hydraulics were honored as the recipient of the 8th edition Oracle Users Club Trophy 2015. At this event, Poclain Hydraulics was awarded the "Transformation and Operational Efficiency" Trophy recognizing the SI+ program.















Thursday, March 26, 2015, among these five awards, Poclain Hydraulics won the top award for the Trophies’ Trophy during the 2015 Users Day at Cercle National des Armées, in Paris.

A radical change from 2011 to 2014: SI + program

Over the past three years, Poclain developed innovative IT solutions for the benefit of its customers and has just been rewarded.





This award, the Trophies’ Trophy 2015, awarded by Oracle solutions Users Club, aims to showcase the best project of the year.

The best under contribution to the company's transformation but also efficiency in its implementation:



  • The establishment of a global CRM allows Poclain to better understand its customers and therefore serve their needs.
  • Sharing Design data products with other businesses allows Poclain to meet customer demands with reduction in development time.
  • The implementation of a new ERP based on Oracle eBusiness Suite allows Poclain to better execute this request.
  • The development of EDI with customers and suppliers to be more efficient in planning capabilities, production monitoring, and order processing.

The introduction of agile solutions offers the expected flexibility to adapt quickly to customer demand.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) enabled Poclain to better manage its data source with a time data plan and reliability.

This investment was made for the group; all clients are served by these solutions around the world.