Drive solution kits available!

Nov 7, 2017

Drive solution kits available for the US

With over 180 different configurations of pre-validated, economically priced, pre-packaged 2WD and 4WD application drive solution kits, Poclain Hydraulics is making it easier for OEMs to integrate their drive solutions. The kits are easy to specify, and once ordered, they are shipped to a distributor in 15 business days. Configurations include options for either MS motors or MG steerable wheel motors for 2WD or 4WD systems. The kits also offer options for both parallel or series configurations and traction control.

Drive Solutions

The process is really simple: distributors can contact their Poclain Hydraulics sales professional to quickly and efficiently specify the system and place an order. It then ships to the distributor in 15 business days. Using our system configurator we are able to easily identify the appropriate system, which is already tested and proven, thus allowing for a more efficient pricing solution for the full system vs. individual parts.

Drive Solutions

Smaller OEMs do not always have the capacity for in depth demand planning, and sometimes this results in a need for quick-turn prototyping for new machine configurations. Poclain Hydraulics’ drive solutions eliminate the need to design a transmission system for each opportunity.  Our drive solutions kits allow distributors to quickly and efficiently provide robust solutions to these customers, while saving time and effort for everyone. The systems are easy to install, with clear and concise documentation. All hydraulic diagrams are provided with the plumbing sizes, while distributors provide plumbing and tank.

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