Oct 31, 2013


25 Years of Collaboration with Poclain Hydraulics

Throughout its history, Hydrokit, a Vensys Post Equipment group company, has established itself as a pioneer in hydraulic customisation solutions for agricultural and, subsequently, public works machinery.

Interviewed by Poclain Hydraulics: Mr François GOURRAUD, Marketing and Sales Director, and Mr Alexis UCKMAN, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Sales Manager at HYDROKIT.

Poclain Hydraulics: Can you introduce your company in a few words?

François Gourraud: Established in 1983 in Poiret-sur-Vie (Vendée region), we design and sell a large range of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic kits and equipment for Public Works, Agricultural, Industrial, Mobile, Shipping and Transport equipment.

Today, the company comprises 135 employees and is present in France, Germany, the UK and the Benelux countries.

PH: Who are your main customers?

FG: We work with more than 1,000 manufacturers and 7,500 European professionals in the sale and repair of agricultural, public works and handling equipment.

PH: When did your business relationship with Poclain Hydraulics start?

FG: We have worked with Poclain Hydraulics for 25 years. Very quickly, the human dimension and the quality of our exchanges made a difference. We are very committed to developing a relationship based on trust and mutual respect with our customers and our partners.

We work with Poclain Hydraulics primarily for motors and valves.

With regard to motors, we essentially distribute MS motors (from MS02 to MS08); less frequently, MS18 and MS35 motors. We mainly fit out small and medium tonnage self-propelled sprayers.

The motors used are mainly small motors. For example, we can fit out a shallot harvester, or indeed machines that clean beaches by collecting algae, machines linked to the airport etc.  As for valves, we distribute them on a large range of machines.

PH: With regard to your aftermarket activities activity, are you Poclain Hydraulics-approved?

Alexis Uckman: Actually, we also have a motor repair business. This business has been in existence for approximately seven years and we have been "Poclain Hydraulics"-certified for three years.

Advanced training was conducted at Poclain Hydraulics, which has an absolutely outstanding training centre.

This is also the mark of a relationship built on mutual trust that has continued to grow over the years.

And, last but not least, we benefit from first-rate technical support with your Research Department, which provides support for our "sizing" studies. The excellent knowledge of the range and the technical expertise of the Poclain Hydraulics engineers represent a real plus for us. Our "Research & Development" activity is a significant part of our business. Our Research Repartment therefore has a very valuable connection with Poclain Hydraulics. The technical requirement of the hydrostatic systems and Hydrokit's absolute commitment in terms of quality make it necessary for us to have a perfect command of each component.

PH: So an entirely positive collaboration then?

FG: Absolutely, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration with Poclain Hydraulics. Indeed, we are in a "win/win" relationship: as designer and retailer of complete hydrostatic solutions, having partners such as Poclain Hydraulics to implement technological building blocks recognised and appreciated by our customers is a real competitive asset.