Oct 31, 2013

High Performance: Poclain Hydraulics’ new technological challenge

Poclain Hydraulics is proud to present, in a world preview to Agritechnica visitors, its new range of High Performance components. The performance of our products has always been a real driving force in the design of our products but this range of innovative products pushes the boundaries of what has been achieved with hydrostatic transmission systems even further.

Our High Performance offer is based on a new set of components, exclusively developed from a viewpoint of unequalled individual performance. Our new heavy-duty pump (“PW pump”) is designed with 5 major concerns in mind: quality, energy efficiency, compactness, power density and precision. Moreover, our latest SD-CT ECU offering contributes to the safety of the machines and provides our customers with software features that contribute to the comfort and efficiency of their machines. Very soon, a new generation of hydraulic motors will complement the offer presented at Agritechnica and enable us to offer our customers a set of innovative components that will thus constitute the best-performing hydrostatic transmission systems.

It is this combination that enables us to offer our customers hydrostatic systems with high added value that meet current and future market expectations.

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Hydraulic Pump & SD-CT

Performance without intelligence is pointless. Our expertise and thorough understanding of our customers and their expectations have always guided our thought processes when developing this new range. This is why we are committed to providing the necessary power, while maximising the reliability, comfort and safety of equipment and personnel.













The intelligence of this system, a result of Poclain Hydraulics’s experience and expertise in electronics control electronics, ensures you the best performance while minimising the environmental footprint.

Together, we are speeding up the integration of complex technologies. Thus, through our High Performance offer, we are making available to you all our know-how in hydrostatic transmission systems. You will therefore minimise your development costs, speed up the “time to market” while improving the performance levels of your machines.

PW & PWe: A new range of High Performance pumps

The very cornerstone of the high performance offer, the new range of heavy-duty pumps covers a range of displacement pumps from 85 to 164 cc/rev. With a high power density, these pumps are capable of working at pressure levels up to 500 Bar and reaching speeds of 3,850 rpm. By thus increasing the accessible levels of pressure and speed, the mobile machines achieve improved productivity without compromising their consumption. In fact, the PW range is designed with the optimisation of its energy performance levels in mind.












Its high efficiency contributes to the reduction in the machines’ fuel consumption and makes it possible to reduce the total cost of ownership and to reduce polluting emissions. Since power is nothing without precision, the PW range has an exclusive displacement control, which confers on it a precise and dynamic behaviour. Connected to one of Poclain Hydraulics’ electronics control, the mobile machines accede to present and future market requirements in terms of comfort, safety and productivity without compromising the integration capacities on the machine. In order to respond to the coming into force of new Euro 6 or Stage IV-type anti-pollution standards, machine manufacturers use emission-control systems that reduce the space available under the thermal engine compartments. The PW range satisfies this requirement by providing an axial compactness that is as yet unequalled. For example, in its most compact version, the PW 85 and the PW96 have an axial length of 258 mm, which makes the heavy duty pump the most compact on the market.

With the PWe: the “Plug & Drive™” according to Poclain Hydraulics

In addition to the improvement in performance levels and the search for an operational safety level in line with the regulatory requirements in force, machine manufacturers are looking for solutions to speed up the cycles of developments, while minimising costs.

It is in order to meet these expectations, one by one, that Poclain Hydraulics is introducing the PWe pump onto the market. It is the result of the combination of a PW pump and a control/on-board electronic control electronic system. So, no need to worry about integrating an electronic box in the machine, especially since its communication by CAN bus makes it fully connected to the whole machine. This completely new electronic control system is also compatible with performance level d (Pl-d according to ISO 13849-1), in order to contribute favourably to the certification of machines placed on the European market in line with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and associated standards.















A completely new software offer has been specially developed for the PWe. It combines the essential functions of an “on-road” drive mode (with an automotive-type drive mode) and a “work” mode. Safety functions of the type “Safety Start Management”, “Operator Presence detection” and “Hill start” are also available. Comfort functions (Speed control, anti-stall, etc.) and machine monitoring functions of the type “watch-dog” (Over temperature, Over speed and over power protections) complement the offering order to relieve drivers to hand over machine monitoring tasks and to remain concentrated on the work to be carried out.

It is at the end of the assembly process that the control software and a series of default settings are downloaded to the electronic boxes. Then comes the wiring and finally the end of the production line test where all of the hydraulic and electronic functions are tested and guaranteed for quality and reliability. Once installed and connected, the PWe enables the first movements of the machine to be made. This is how Poclain Hydraulics justifies the name “Plug & Drive™”. It enables machine manufacturers to reduce their development time and therefore control costs more effectively.


November 12-16 - Hanover - Germany
Hall 1  - Aisle D - Stand 117

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A New Range of Pumps: PW & PWe