Oct 31, 2013


A Mobility On-Demand Adapted to the Agricultural Sector

Already very known for the advantages that it provides on  trucks used in construction, the AddiDrive™ of Poclain Hydraulics, called Hydrodrive™ at MAN, Optitrack™ at RENAULT TRUCKS, X-Track at Terberg or EZ-TRAC at TDS also has strong benefits in the agricultural world.

Indeed the delivery of the harvest to processing facilities is a major stake in the value chain and needs to be optimized in terms of cost.

Agricultural machines that collect or harvest are not adapted to transport on the road like trucks, which can find themselves in trouble when approaching  fields to be harvested because they were not designed to drive on narrow, muddy or sandy terrain.

It is precisely in this context that AddiDrive™ brings the maximum value, by improving the traction by transferring torque to the steering axle, which is normally not powered. The system is completely transparent when the truck is driven in the "road-mode" thanks to the "free wheel" mode. Good practical examples of the use of AddiDrive™ in the agriculture market are forest trucks (log hauling) and the trucks that transport milk from dairy farms.

The advantages of a truck with AWD on-demand

The AddiDrive™ system consists in an additional hydrostatic transmission offering trucks and convoys better mobility in difficult driving conditions such as: mud, snow, sand, etc.

This hydraulic aid, installed on the front or rear axles is an ecological alternative to full-time all-wheel drive, engaging on-demand only when needed for higher torque and improved traction control.

Providing dramatically reduced weight and improved center of gravity (because the cab height is identical to a non-driven front truck axle), improvements are realized in fuel consumption and additional payload while simultaneously improving vehicle stability and safety.

Main components of AddiDrive™:

The two hydraulic motors are directly integrated onto the spindle of either a steering axle or a fixed axle. The pump is driven by the engine Power Take-Off (PTO) and provides the energy to the system. The hydraulic valve manages the activation of the system and allows operation in free-wheeling mode.

The Electronic Control Unit with embedded AddidDrive Software manages communication and operating logic between the system and the vehicle.


AddiDrive™ functions:

Basic function:

Torque transfer: when activated, the system transfers in real time and instantaneously part of the torque on the front axle, according to the road conditions and vehicle behavior. Traction on front axle is available at 0 km/h.

Optional extended features:

Creep mode: the truck is powered by the hydrostatic axle only to offer a very slow but constant drive speed with fast forward / reverse change.

Boosted traction: torque on front axle is indexed to the throttle pedal position, in order to provide more traction at start.

Front wheel angle compensation: front wheel speed is adjusted according to the front wheel angle information provided by truck, to ensure optimal traction in turns.

AddiDrive™ benefits:

On-road truck design and performances preserved

• No modification of the chassis (vs. standard truck)

• Turning radius & maneuverability

• Cabin and gravity center height

• On-road dynamic performances

Increased payload

•  +400kg vs. mechanical AWD truck

 Fuel saving and less polluting emissions

• Fuel savings up to 10-15% (vs. mechanical AWD truck)

• Limited hydraulic drag torque (vs. mechanical AWD truck)

• On-demand additional torque, only when needed

Safety and comfort, versatility, optimized operation costs

• Better adherence in bad conditions

• Optimal on-road performances

• Torque available at 0 km/h

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